Afrofuturism from a hood perspective.

rogvexo: I'm pretty sure companies are getting on here trynna figure out what's hawt lol

lol i sometimes wonder about that.

especially since hearing about crusty perry ripping off twoc to get style queues she cant pull off for her latest comeback via tumblr.

i just hope no one rips off my shyt.

Anonymous: do you think it's weird that people are talking about what is essentially just an online museum

why would it be weird?

blogs are a pretty significant form of media these days and play a part in how information/art work is circulated online so i dont think its odd for people to talk about blogs at all.

like this is 2014 and believe it or not most people get a lot of the things their interested in from blogs and websites that collect and for lack of a better term ‘curate’ media so its not all that unfathomable. 

and idk if you saying this is ‘just and online museum’ is supposed to be a read or not

but i’ll take it as a positive™ thing bc i love museums =)


Backstage at Jeremy Scott S/S 2014, New York Fashion Week
kittyfarts: went to afropunk and you were discussed. a lot of people know about you and i informed others. keep up the good work!

omg wow rly?!

thats so awesome!!!!!!  

gosh i wish i could have gone this year but i had some prior engagements but wow i can’t believe that i rly gotta make it out next year, maybe if i have the means i could have a booth or something.

thats so great thank you!! 



Naomi Campbell photographed by Timothy White

i rly needed to see this today

Cyrus Kabiru is a self-taught Kenyan artist who works in various mediums including painting and sculpture. He is best known for his Afrofuturism series, C-Stunners, an ongoing project consisting of elaborate eyeglasses that are imaginatively constructed out of found objects and recycled trash. These wearable sculptures, part fashion statement part social-political commentary, capture the sensibility and attitude of the youth generation in Nairobi. They portray the aspiration of popular culture bling and reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people. The lenses are a metaphorical filter providing a fresh perspective of the world.
Read an interview with him on 10and5:

STORM By Paul Smith
Real Name: Ororo MunroeOccupation: AdventurerAliases: In Kenya & Tanzania Storm was known as “Beautiful Windrider”Group Affiliation: X-Men, The MorlocksPowers: Storm is a mutant with the ability to psionically manipulate the weatherFirst Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)